Why Choose Clarity as Your Appraisal Management Company?

Clarity is a full-service appraisal management company. Our experienced staff handles the process from start to finish. We utilize technology that allows you customize your account to increase your efficiency and cut costs. Our appraisal management methods streamline the appraisal protocol, reducing many of the manual tasks and complexities typically associated with the appraisal process. By ordering your appraisals through Clarity, you can concentrate your full effort towards other, revenue-generating, endeavors.

Our appraisal reports are prepared to your specific underwriting standards. When we engage an appraiser we give them your specific instructions on each order. We understand that in this ever-changing market we must stay a step ahead to ensure that you receive the precision that the industry demands. We feature detailed service level agreements as well as all major property types.


As a function of our Clarity Appraisal Management service, you will be informed via email status notifications during each step of the appraisal process. Our system offers real-time updates to give you the most current information available on your order. Additionally, each report undergoes a two-part analysis in our quality control department prior to final delivery. Appraisal reports are delivered digitally through our system via email. We are compatible with RealEC and Appraisal Port, plus we have the ability to customize our service to match any other service you may use.

Clarity Appraisal Management Company has partnered with accredited appraisers nationwide to offer you timely, quality reports no matter your needs. The Clarity Panel of Appraisers is composed of experienced professionals, each appraiser approved by Clarity after a meticulous selection process. Communication with our Appraiser Panel is a top priority for Clarity. We take the time to speak with each appraiser, thus reinforcing our commitment to open communication. This communication allows Clarity the opportunity to address any stipulations or questions that might arise after a report is completed. Clarity works conscientiously with our Appraiser Panel to remain compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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