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Conventional Reconsideration Request

Conventional Reconsideration Request

Reconsideration of Value Process

1 – You will need to fill out the request form and attach the comparables that you would like considered. Please keep in mind, that in most cases, without comparables the appraiser has nothing to reconsider. You will need to provide data that you want considered and provide a detailed comment that fully informs the appraiser as to what is being requested.

2 – The appraiser then has two options, the first is to consider the comparables and adjust the value. The second is to keep the report as is. If the appraiser does not change the report and re-consider the value then the appraiser must place an addendum in the file as to why not.

3 – All communication from this point forward will need to take place between you and Jim Stroh, or, the Underwriter concerning the reconsideration of value.

Conventional Appraisal Reports
Fill out the reconsideration form and attach the appraisal and required documerntation. Your request and documentation will be sent to Jim Stroh at Clarity.

Conventional Reconsideration Request
First Name *
Last Name *
Email Address *
Reconsideration Details
Date (mm/dd/yyyy) *
Order Number *
Borrower Name *
Property Address *
Supporting Documentation
Check all supporting documentation below that will be included.
Additional Comps
Additional comps will be attached.
Previous Appraisal
Previous Appraisal (12 months or less) will be attached.
Sketch will be attached.
Sales Contract for Purchases
Sales contract for purchases will be attached.
Other Supporting Documentation
Additional supporting documents will be attached.
Other / Additional Documents Description
If applicable, the following information must be supplied
Additional Comparables
  • List address and closing date of other comparables
  • Include MLS Printout (if available)
  • Must have closed prior to the effective date of this appraisal
  • Listings must be prior to the effective date of this appraisal
  • A Maximum of 5 closed and/or active sales can be provided
  • Include the sketch from the previous appraisal if Sq. Ft. is the issue
  • Include a photo that indicates a different property configuration
Previous Appraisal
  • Must be within 12 months of the effective date of current appraisal
  • Recent market data must be supplied (closed sales)
Attachments (Supporting Documents and Appraisal)
Appraisal File *
Supporting Documents *
Additional Documents
Detailed Explanation of Request
Only requests that have supporting documentation will be reviewed.
Request Details *
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