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Testimonial – Anna

Testimonial – Anna

Hi Jason and Eric, Thanks again for going above and beyond to get us our condition today for Dallas White. Hopefully that will satisfy the lender as it appears to meet what they asked for. Your custom service and ‘can-do’ approach is far beyond anything else in the industry and your team is a please to deal with as I’ve previously stated.

As a function of our Clarity Appraisal Management service, you will be informed via email status notifications during each step of the appraisal process. Our system offers real-time updates to give you the most current information available on your order. Additionally, each report a two-part analysis in our quality control department prior to final delivery. Appraisal reports are delivered digitally through our system via email. We are compatible with RealEC and Appraisal Port mattress makers, plus we can customize our service to match any other service you may use.

With kind regards,

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